All is Set for the Inaugural Earth Day Award Ceremony this weekend in Kaduna-state, Nigeria.

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Kaduna State First Lady Hadiza EL Rufai will lead other dignitaries to the inaugural Earth Day award ceremony slated for this Saturday at KadaHive Innovation Hub in Kaduna State.

Organizers of the event said the award ceremony will gather students, youths, professionals, mentors, and educators from across UK and Nigeria and will consist of talks about the need for literary education and the importance of Earth Day and its theme – Invest in our Planet  (Invest in Nigeria).

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The Earth Day Competition was launched in April 2022. Afrikindness UK and KadaHive innovation tech hub Kaduna Nigeria in collaboration with Yasmin El-Rufai foundation launched the Earth Day Writing and Poster competition for all Nigerian students ages 8 – 25 years.

The purpose of the competition was to give creative and innovative young minds the platform to share their great ideas and seek innovative & sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges in Nigeria. It was also an opportunity for students to showcase their literary and creative skills through stories, spoken words, poems, art posters, and essays that best explain what threatens 

Earth’s existence and propose sustainable solutions and ways to address the climate crisis.

Bunmi Owolabi, Founder, and CEO of Afrikindness said: ‘’We received several submissions from both private and public schools across several states in Nigeria – from Lagos, Kaduna, Kano, Enugu, Ogun, Abuja, etc. In providing an equitable education & opportunity for all children in Nigeria, we did campaigns in public schools and worked alongside established organizations like Teach for Nigeria and Edu Aid to reach out to students from under-resourced schools.

I must say that the entries we received have been exceptional. We received entries that covered topics like biofuel technology, deforestation, recycling, litter-free environment, ocean-free plastics, and great art posters as well.  We invited an expert line of judges (8 of them) from across UK and Nigeria. The judges comprising of environmentalists, teachers, industry professionals, and well-known literary educators spent considerable time reviewing and assessing all submitted entries. They expressed great joy in the excellent work presented by all the entrants and also provided positive feedback based on their assessment to help every student improve their literary and artistic skills. 

So today, I would like to say a massive well done to all students who participated in the Writing & Poster competition. Congratulations to you all.’’

The prize and awards for the winners range from cash prizes, a 3-month Art workshop with Orede Art Academy, a Creative writing workshop and entries collated into an e-anthology by Narrative Landscape press, and 1 year of mentoring with industry professionals.

To watch the live coverage of the award ceremony.

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