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Are you transitioning to the UK and need professional guidance and practical advice and information?

Get your questions answered and get every information you need from career professionals, employers, and industry experts.

Register for our Accelerate webinars broadcasted live, and you can watch them at a later date.

From our webinar series, you will:

  • Get professional development tips related to your field of study or career path. 
  • Get practical tips on how to take that first step into your chosen profession
  • Get advice and tips on navigating the UK industry market and gain insights into job applications, interviews, and links to professional bodies and networks.
  • Receive expert advice on dealing with career and any professional challenges
  • Receive first-hand information from top organizations as regards vacancies and opportunities, qualifications, and settling in your chosen career path.

Meet a panel of role models, network with others, take part in Afrikindness Accelerate events and webinars, and learn more about the industry and how to navigate life in the UK

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"Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today"

– African Proverb

Accelerate team

A network with a shared vision. We bring together thousands of young people from across several countries and link our young, dynamic teens and youths to professionals and career experts from across several industry sectors. Gain the support and skills that you need to change your life and to help you thrive in any environment. 

Join our closed, moderated, and international online network to get advice, support each other, and access opportunities and advice in your professional career.

There are many benefits to becoming a member of our closed network including


What we offer

Access to Specialists from diverse professions & career

Great tips, Information & regular updates

Vibrant network to learn, grow and thrive

Share Knowledge, resources and good practices

Professional development & learning opportunities

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Accelerate team

Get more information from our closed online discussion forum, one-one advisory support, peer-peer support opportunities, job alerts, and the latest ‘gist’ from our Professional network base across the UK and Africa.

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