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Increase your impact and empower the younger generation to do more for their communities.

Our mission is simple but the work is much and the impact is long-lasting.  Your partnership will magnify our cause and help us reach more children and young people globally.

We connect charities and NGOs to children and young people to do solve real-life problems with life-changing impact globally contributing to UN SDGs.

Religious institutions, Charities, NGOs, we welcome YOU

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Every dream is brought to fruition by the collaborative efforts of like-minded individuals or teams. We can go much farther if we work together. Supporting charities so that they can thrive and make a greater impact is what we do.  

We want to partner with charities and voluntary organizations in similar or complementary fields to reach and conquer our objectives. Our partnership will magnify our collective goal and we can reach more children and young adults.

We especially partner with charitable organizations to empower children and young adults through our EMPOWER project- a space where children and young people are encouraged and given the opportunity to initiate kindness projects to solve real-life problems globally.

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‘’Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless’’

– Mother Teresa

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Partner with Us

Whether it’s long or short-term partnerships, we’d love to have you on board.

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Make Kindness Common

We enable your employees to contribute to the causes that matter most to them. Volunteer your time to inspire the younger generation by being a role model, through mentoring and offering webinar sessions to children and young people. Let’s work together with your team to make kindness common. We all need a kind society.

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I am a Charity/NGO

Our Impact

We’ve grown so much since our inception. Take a walk down memory lane at what we’ve been able to achieve since then. Read the brilliant work that children and young people have been doing and the life-changing impact they made.

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Not sure of where to begin, our corporate partnership team are here to guide you.

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