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Submissions for the 2023 competition and challenge are now OPEN.



Competition is closed and Judging has commenced. Winners will be announced in August. Watch this space! competition is closed and Judging has commenced. Winners will be announced in August. Watch this space!Closed



Our Summer of Kindness – 2023 Competition is OUT. This is a month long celebration of Kindness competition for children.Participate

Inspiring Kindness Competitions

Afrikindness offers kindness competitions and challenges that cover all our focus areas needed to build a well-rounded child. It is a free program intended for children and young people to develop a sense of purpose, gratitude, and happiness, and practice being kind towards their friends, teachers, environment, community, and most importantly, to themselves. 

The goal of our Kindness competition and challenges across the UK and Africa is to instill kindness in children and young people until it becomes a habit. Our Kindness challenge develops vital skills such as creativity, determination, perseverance, and resilience.

Our competitions cover Kindness to others, kindness to oneself, kindness to the environment, and kindness to Africa. We run competitions that inspire children to demonstrate, give and receive kindness.

Afrikindness Focus Area...

Kindness to Oneself

To create a well balanced emotional, social, intellectual and physical state for a child we must teach them self care and compassion. This is the backbone of their character and helps build emotional intelligence in them.

Kindness to Others

True kindness starts from within and blossoms to reveal itself in our interactions with others. We seek to build the child’s social intelligence and empathy. This stems from showing love, care and kindness to them in order to show them how they should be treated and in turn treat others.

Kindness to Environment

Children are motivated to become more involved in their communities through environmental education, which fosters their critical and creative thinking abilities. It aids children in comprehending the value of the environment and equips them with the fundamentals for leading sustainable and eco-friendly lives.

Kindness to Africa

Having a positive racial identity has been correlated with positive psychosocial, academic, and health outcomes for British African children and youths. connecting with one’s culture and background is a critical component in the development of an individual’s identity and self-esteem. Be the pride of Africa, wherever you are.

‘’Creativity is intelligence having fun’’

– Albert Einstein

Past Competition Winners

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Category winners and finalist

Special thanks to all the parents, grandparents, teachers, carers and siblings who encouraged their young people and helped them to enter our various Kindness competitions and challenges.

Many thanks to our Finalist and Winners who have demonstrated exceptional skills and talents and have learned about kindness in every way.

2022 Finalist & Winning entries

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