Ubuntu - African Pride

Inspire and Empower Kindness in children and young people


 I am because we are.

 A sense and awareness of community, unity, responsibility, and co-dependence.

 This is Ubuntu.

 It is a part of the Zulu phrase, "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu" which can be translated to mean that to be human is to recognize the humanity of others. Ubuntu has its roots in humanist African philosophy, where the idea of community is one of the building blocks of society.

 Our aim is to instill values in the children that reinvent their minds and fixate these concepts in their psyches. This is so that it reflects in their behavior toward themselves, each other, and society at large.

 This philosophy draws their attention to the oneness of man. That despite racial differences, and contrasting social backgrounds amongst other elements that would usually encourage division, discrimination, and segregation, we are one.

If the younger generation can grasp these concepts from an early age, we can build a society where we see strangers as brothers and foreigners as friends.

 Our projects and activities are targeted at not only inspiring the children to care, rather we hope to generate an urgency amongst them to do something about the issues that they see.

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"Ubuntu describes man's greatest gift; his recognition that we are all bound together in ways that can be invisible to the eye; that there is a oneness to humanity; that we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others and caring for those around us."

– Barack H. Obama


African Pride

 The average African child is raised with a subconscious sense of inferiority and mediocrity.  Society has for a long time peddled Africa and African culture as sub-standard, primitive, and crude.

 The effect is that these children experience disconnection from their roots and what makes them who they are. Thus, an identity crisis.

 African pride is a sense of belonging. It is the feeling of acceptance of who we are and where we come from. It is the value and the essence of being African.

 The only way to execute lasting change is by replacing the old with the new. Even as we attempt to get rid of that inferiority and mediocrity, we must replace it with pride, respect and reverence for the African culture.

 Specific programs are curated to acquaint children and young adults of all races with the beauty of African culture. This is to create awareness and promote change.


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