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We need you and we would love to partner with you on our next project or event. If you love what we do and what we stand for, let’s work on creating opportunities where we can work together.

 Whether through sponsorships, one-off events, technology, resource, fundraising, or volunteering, we work with our partners to develop a tailored partnership package that is mutually beneficial to make a real difference in the lives of young people and support schools and communities.

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Our key strategic aims are ambitious in intent and drawing from the dialogue and feedback received from the Black community and society in general. 

We aim to 

  • Inspire children and young adults to be kind to themselves and kind to others. Our services for children cover the six (6) well-being domains (self-acceptance, autonomy, personal growth, purpose in life, positive relationship and emotions, and environmental mastery). We provide training content and offer activities that cover all our kindness focus areas needed to build a well-rounded child. We run competitions that spark creativity and innovation as well as showcase kindness role models that inspire children to demonstrate, give and receive kindness.
  • Educate children and young adults and build their interpersonal, social, and emotional intelligence skills; build their racial knowledge and promote positive racial identity development. Our Afrikindness educational programs are designed to incorporate the practice of intentional kindness and cultural inclusivity in schools. It is delivered to children through high-quality video content, films, magazine, and interactive learning platform and subsequently engaging children in role plays, games, and learning activities.
  • Empower children and young adults by creating platforms that allow them to demonstrate kindness in their communities. Afrikindness presents THE EMPOWER PROJECT (Empower. Motivate . Promote. Organize. Win-over. Educate. Relate). Our children-led projects create a sense of belonging and autonomy, and our kid’s academy builds social and emotional skills, focusing on the skills needed for the future.
  • Advocate for intentional kindness in schools, events that celebrate cultural heritage and inclusiveness in schools, engage policy and decision-makers in society on our research work and facilitate educational reforms that support contemporary ideals on inclusion, kindness, and mental well-being.

At Afrikindness, we support and empower stakeholders (teachers & parents) to make impactful decisions during the formative years of each child by providing high-quality training resources and educative webinars. We provide a blend of interactive sessions, educational resources for teachers and parents, and academy and coaching platforms for children and our programs foster positive racial identity in children of colour in the UK.

We Believe that...
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Kindness is a currency, scarce, but in high demand. The spread of kindness will, in our opinion, effectively battle the core causes of identity crises, bullying, mental health crises and abuse in schools, in our society, and around the world.
We Believe that...
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Kindness in Positive Psychology will enable children to:
  • Embrace challenges
  • build resilience
  • Build strong and emotional skills
  • Seek opportunities that create change
We Believe that...
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Children are kind to themselves when they have a strong sense of who they are.
This builds confidence and self-esteem, and children are less likely to be negatively affected by racism.
We Believe that...
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A strong sense of other people’s culture can build cultural sensitivity and awareness.
This will facilitate understanding and prevent misunderstanding.

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