Afrikindness Neurodiversity Community Programme (ANCP)

A community awareness and training campaign to bridge the gap in autism awareness and improve response to diagnosis and support within the Black and minority communities.

Parenting with Purpose

Neurodiversity Community
Awareness Programme

Afrikindness champions understanding and support for every child, especially those on the autism spectrum in African and ethnic minority communities. We recognize the unique challenges these families face in accessing care and diagnosis, often compounded by cultural and institutional barriers.

If you’re a parent navigating the complexities of raising a neurodiverse (autistic) child within the African or ethnic minority community, know that you are not alone.

The Afrikindness Neurodiversity Community Programme is here to support you. We offer guidance on understanding autism, navigating the diagnosis process, and accessing the support necessary for you and your child to thrive.

Register to join a community of parents and have access to expert support.  Together, we can navigate the challenges of raising neurodiverse children and transform obstacles into opportunities for growth and understanding.

Neurodiversity Community
Training Programme

A community training campaign to bridge the gap in autism awareness and improve response to diagnosis and support within the Black and minority communities. 

ANCP is for every parent, teacher, community leader or professional from Black and minority ethnic background who is looking to:

  1. Improve their understanding of neurodiversity
  2. Get equipped to debunk the myths around neurodiversity
  3. Understand the pathways to diagnosis
  4. Better support children, friends family and others who are neurodiverse.
  5. Get certified to carry out training within your community.

Lead Trainer

Psychologist, Researcher and Certified trainer on Neurodiversity and inclusion for Afrikindness

Dr. Vivian Okoye is a prominent expert in the field of mental health, Trauma-informed care, and parenting education in Africa. She is also a Researcher who is passionate about understanding the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion of Neurodiverse people from ethnic minorities.

Vivian earned her Doctor of Optometry degree from Imo State University and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Newcastle University, UK. As a highly skilled expert, she holds certifications in Trauma treatment and Addiction treatment from the Trauma Research Foundation and the American Academy for Addiction Psychiatry respectively. Vivian is also a certified Mental Health First Aider from Mental Health First Aid England.

With over 12 years of experience, Vivian has worked with individuals, families, children, and organizations, showcasing expertise in clinical and community healthcare practice, Eye Care Practice and Regulation in Nigeria, Mental Health Policy and Best Practice Engagement in the UK, as well as mentoring, coaching, and therapy for individuals and vulnerable communities. Her approach integrates evidence-based practices with genuine human connection, reflecting a commitment to patient-centred care that extends beyond the healthcare setting

Certified trainer on Neurodiversity and inclusion for Afrikindness

Manjinder Cacacie is a distinguished city lawyer with nearly two decades of experience in the financial services sector, holding the unique position of being a dual-qualified solicitor in both England & Wales and Ireland. As the founder of OptimumLex Services Limited (“OptimumLex”), a London-based legal consultancy, Manjinder leads a team dedicated to delivering specialised legal services tailored to a diverse clientele.

Manjinder’s comprehensive expertise also encompasses launching innovative financial products, navigating regulatory landscapes, obtaining permissions and licences and strategic counsel to boards and senior management on regulatory compliance and risk management.

Beyond her professional realm, Manjinder is a committed philanthropist. Manjinder also lends her time and expertise to humanitarian causes and is a trustee of the charity “Afrikindness”. Manjinder is deeply invested in advocating for neurodiversity, inspired by her personal journey with her daughter, who is gifted and on the autism spectrum.

Her dedication to this cause is a testament to her belief in the limitless possibilities of every neurodiverse child and her commitment to being a voice for change and acceptance.

Application Deadline:

Max 100 participants (cohort)

Course Starts:
September 2024

One Year

Virtual via Zoom

English Training


Broadcast Location:
Workshop from Leeds

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