Research and Consultancy

Back up our activities with research on race studies looking critically at the impact of identity crises on children and young people.

Research & Consultancy

Research in Afrikindness is concerned with fostering positive racial identity in schools, with a focus on identity crisis that affects the mental health of children and young people, especially from minority ethnic communities. 

Afrikindness defining purpose is to build a generation of children and young people who will transform their communities and world through Kindness. It is, however, essential to equip and enable children and young people to thrive within an increasingly insecure, complex, unequal, and less compassionate world.

Following a series of dialogue sessions with African diaspora parents whose children have suffered identity crises, drawing on the latest race studies, a survey of teachers in the UK seeking more knowledge on racial diversity, and lack of community awareness on the impact of race on children - Afrikindness Research team was formed to put a focus on these issues and the existing gaps in resources, information, and training.

Therefore, our research goal is to further explore social, and emotional issues children face relating to race, understand the intersection of race and children in the UK, understand parenting in black communities, focus on implicit racial biases in schools, inclusivity and seek a sustainable solution to help parents, teachers, children and the society at large learn more about race, culture, and history.

The outcome of our research will drive the projects for children, teachers, and parents.

Welcome to Afrikindness Research Findings

Explore a wealth of knowledge and insights at Afrikindness through our curated collection of research findings. Our focus encompasses various aspects of positive racial identity, neurodiversity, and topics related to children’s mental health.

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Research Areas

Our research interests focus on

Positive Racial Identity

Discover illuminating studies shedding light on fostering positive racial identity in children. Learn about our initiatives aiming to empower marginalized communities and promote inclusivity.


Uncover the latest research on neurodiversity, exploring ways to support and celebrate the unique strengths of individuals with diverse neurological conditions.


Delve into articles examining the impact of educational practices on the holistic development of children. From fostering positive racial identity to promoting mental well-being, our research covers critical aspects of a child's educational journey.

Children's Mental Health & Well-being

Delve into articles addressing critical issues surrounding children's mental health. Gain insights into strategies, interventions, and awareness initiatives dedicated to nurturing the well-being of our youth.

Your journey to knowledge and positive change begins here at Afrikindness Research Findings.

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