The concept of mentoring is at an all time rise in today’s society. To have someone or an institution that has walked the paths you wish to follow, show you the ropes and guide you through is of inestimable value. 

Mentorship however goes beyond business, finance and career. There is a need for mentoring on a behavioural, emotional and social basis, especially in the lives of young people. 

At an early age, societal norms begin to subconsciously mould a child into the person they will be for the rest of their lives. Mentoring is an intentional approach to this process, ensuring that the child’s character and overall attitude is geared at wholesome relationships and interactions with themselves, others and the society.

Afrikindness aims to mentor children and young persons in the aspects of character building and development, overall outlook on life and the society and above all the practice of kindness in their daily activities. We plan to focus on children in order to change the narrative of violence, neglect and moral decadence that is currently the order of the day.

K.I.D.S Academy and Mentoring

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  • One – one Mentoring
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We take special care to mentor children who are dealing with identity issues, racial bias, social anxiety, change, transitions, instability at home or in social interactions, academic challenges and much more. 

We aim to create an environment where the spotlight is taken off their shortcomings and placed on the areas that they thrive. This will ultimately lead to a more confident, kinder child.

Although the necessity of mentorship is fast becoming a norm, there is an overwhelming lack of mentors and role models available for children who are of minority communities.

This leads to glaring differences in behavioral patterns, decision-making skills and overall growth or development when compared to their counterparts who have been exposed to mentorship and have access to positive role models. 

‘’One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination. ‘’

– John C. Maxwell

Becoming a Mentor (Individual)

We welcome mentors who are industry professionals and kindness advocates from all ethnicities.

Mother Theresa once said “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.” 

There is so much that needs to change in our society. However, it’s not up to you or me to save the world. What we are required to do is shine a little ray of light on our corner of the earth and watch the ripple effect.

By becoming a mentor, you can be the pebble in the pond of our society. You can impact the life of children and young people who need direction and guidance. The best part is, you’d be making a difference in the world with little acts of intentionality and kindness.

How it works – Individual or Group Mentors

  • You contact us on our mentoring programme
  • We share our framework and process with you
  • We train you to become mentors
  • You can either give a one-one mentoring or give a mentoring talk on a specific topic that will benefit a group of children
  • One-One Mentoring or Group Mentoring webinar starts
  • We track progress and development
  • We showcase your organisation and mentors as a Change Maker

Parents looking for a Mentor

We take the mentoring process very seriously, ensuring that every mentor is specifically trained, has gone through extensive Safeguarding guidelines to work with children and DBS checked. This is to be able to assure every parent or guardian that their children are in safe hands.

These mentors take on the task of making sure that every child under their wing is given the opportunity to excel in every area of their lives- academics, friendships, and even in their families. 

They also help and encourage children to develop excellent relationships with adults, giving them the self-esteem and confidence, they need to make wise decisions in life. 

Although the mentoring sessions are allocated for a specific period of time, they are engineered to ensure that long lasting results and changes are made in every participant. 

How it works – Parents 

  • You contact us on your child’s need
  • We look for a mentor or a mentoring group for your child
  • We work out the mentoring plan and have a demo session
  • Mentoring starts if you are happy
  • We track progress and development

Sponsor a Mentoring programme or webinar for young people - Organization

As an organisation looking to make a difference in the life of children and young adults everywhere, partnering with us and sponsoring a mentoring program is a good place to start. 

You can give these kids a space and conducive environment to be taught and mentored. On the other hand, donations and contributions to ensure that these mentoring sessions go on with a hitch is a great way to get involved.

By volunteering your staff in these programs, they are trained to identify and nurture tomorrow's talents and potentials. They will in turn, inspire, engage, and empower the children to see and understand that they too can be ready for life's major transitions, and able to make wise choices about their futures.

How it works – Organisation 

  • You contact us on our mentoring programme
  • We share our framework and process with you
  • Change Maker process - You can either sponsor a mentoring talk or webinar for a group of children through donations or
  • We train your staff and volunteers to become mentors that transforms lives of young people 
  • We agree on Change Maker process 
  • Mentoring starts
  • We track progress and development
  • We showcase your organisation and mentors as a Change Maker 

Make Kindness Common

We enable your employees to contribute to the causes that matter most to them. Volunteer your time to inspire the younger generation by being a role model, through mentoring and offering webinar sessions to children and young people. Let’s work together with your team to make kindness common. We all need a kind society.

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