Supporting Schools to foster positive racial identity development & promote intentional kindness in children and young people

We work to help schools to develop and sustain that culture of kindness, transforming the communities and making global impact.

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The importance of the school value system and ethos cannot be overemphasized as they help shape the behaviors and build the character of children and young people.  

There is a lot already being done in schools and we know that schools play a key role in creating inclusive education, and promoting kindness and cultural diversity. Our aim is to further strengthen and equip schools with educational resources that have multicultural themes, and engage children with fun-filled cultural events, films, and learning activities that promote kindness, and racial harmony in schools.

Our school programs

  • bring foundational knowledge on kindness, cultural sensitivity, and respect for others and their benefits.
  • are engaging and fun to inspire kindness in children and young people.
  • are evidence-based, CASEL proven by research, to demonstrate increased social, cultural, and emotional skills in young people.

We believe that kindness can be taught. However, kindness cannot be developed in children through contemplation and discussion. The best way to develop kindness is to receive it and practice it. Kindness in ACTION.

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"Schools are our second home and teachers are the second mothers’’.

– Mother Teresa

‘’Kindness should be demonstrated without fear,

Kindness should be encouraged with passion,

Kindness should be taught with skills,

Kindness should be empowered for sustainability’’.

Our work follows the CASEL framework (the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) providing authentic school-related activities that brings together family, school and community for the best learning experience for children and young people.

How we do It

Inspire Kindness

Through kindness challenge and competition that develops vital skills such as creativity, determination and resilience. It also instil kindness in young people until it becomes a habit.

Get school children inspired, nurture their inquisitiveness, and develop their critical thinking.

Ages: 8 – 18 years

For all schools and participants

Location: UK & Africa

Latest Kindness Challenge and Competition

How we do It

Educate Kindness

Through our kindness workshops which is an early intervention tool to educate young people on the core values of humanity which will facilitate the development of social and emotional intelligence skills. Made by Educators. Curriculum based. Trusted by teachers, counsellors, parents, mentors and professionals. Content delivery
  • Virtual workshop
  • Face to Face workshop
  • Activity packs & Resources for Teachers
  • Contents on learning management system for teachers
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How we do It

Empower Kindness

Through children-led projects. It could be a school project, team or class project to empower kindness and also instill the confidence to  tackling big real-life problems on community or global level.   For children & young people, It brings a sense of community belonging and autonomy, empowering them to make positive impact in their communities and to be the change they want to see. Embedding the culture of kindness in young people by coaching them with the mindset and skills to demonstrate and receive kindness Join the EMPOWER project, to 
  • Receive international school award 
  • Add our school projects to Duke of  Edinburgh Award
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How we do It

Celebrate Race and Culture

And foster positive racial identity development in early education. 

On the CAR-PRIDE project, our goals are 

  • To help children learn, appreciate and celebrate other cultures and race
  • Celebrate cultural diversity in schools
  • Help children of colour develop a positive racial identity
  • Support teachers and parents build their racial knowledge
  • Support schools with activity packs, fun events to celebrate Black History Month

School Activities

  • Cultural events and project
  • Afrikindness Race & Culture Magazines
  • Africa cultural day and week
  • Black History Month activities events
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School Kindness package

We also offer the services above in a kindness package delivered to YOU. Being kind is our motive and we have a lovely package that will make the process easier for teachers, educators, and community leaders. 

Do you want to inspire & empower intentional kindness in children and young people?

Do you want to foster positive racial identity development in early education?

 Our kindness package covers our 4 aims to Inspire, Educate, Empower kindness and Celebrate race and culture in schools. 

It is a great way to fully champion intentional Kindness in children and young people, and prioritize an inclusive culture that builds racial harmony in schools. 

Our package provides you with training resources for teachers, activity packs and events for children, and strategic planning documentation and action plan that will be reviewed regularly to ensure that the culture of kindness is sustained

Latest Kindness Challenge and Competition


Educate Kindness

Kindness Award for School


Empower Kindness

Kindness Award for School


Celebrate Culture & Race

Kindness Award for School

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