Afrikindness Shines at AutistiCon Conference 2024

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Afrikindness made a significant impact at the AutistiCon Conference 2024, held at the Leeds Playhouse on June 11th. This free annual autism information event brought together families, support providers, and advocates from diverse backgrounds to foster greater awareness and understanding of autism.

Afrikindness proudly showcased its Neurodiversity Community Programme, a pioneering initiative designed to support parents with autistic children. Funded by Leeds Community Foundation and Sir George Martin Trust, the programme offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for families.

‘’It was amazing connecting with so many dedicated organisations, all united in our mission to support parents and families, and to create greater autism awareness’’… Ronke Olojede, Community and Family Liaison Manager, Afrikindness.

‘’From insightful discussions to impactful networking, the event was a tremendous success in making autism resources accessible and inclusive. Together, we are providing essential support to families and fostering a more understanding and accepting community for all’’… Bunmi Owolabi

Afrikindness Neurodiversity Programme is centered around community awareness and training campaigns aimed at bridging the gap in autism awareness and improving responses to diagnosis and support within the Black and minority communities in the Leeds and Yorkshire area. We believe that by raising awareness and providing support, right in the heart of our communities, we can create a more inclusive environment for neurodiverse individuals in our community.

Key features of the Afrikindness Neurodiversity Community Programme include:

1. Community Awareness Campaigns: These campaigns are conducted in community groups, churches, and other religious institutions to spread awareness about autism and neurodiversity.

2. Parental Support: Parents receive support from an autism expert who specialises in working with children, providing them with the guidance they need.

3. Training for Community Leaders: Empowering community leaders with the knowledge and skills to support neurodiverse individuals and their families.

4. Training for Schools and SENDCO: Focused on how to engage and support ethnic minority families effectively, ensuring a more inclusive educational environment.

5. Free Resources for Families: Providing essential resources to help families navigate the challenges of raising autistic children.

6. Parent Support Group: A safe space for parents to connect with other families, share experiences, and find solace in a supportive community.

In addition to these services, Afrikindness has set up a dedicated parent support group. This group serves as a vital platform for parents to connect with experts and volunteers, ensuring they receive the support they need.

Parent Support Group:
For more information or to join the Afrikindness parent support group, please click here


Sponsorship and Partnership
We welcome sponsorship and partnership opportunities to further our mission and enhance our impact in supporting families with autistic children. Find out more about the programme here:-

To request our brochure, please write to

Join us in breaking barriers and forging a path toward a more inclusive and supportive community for all.

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