Community Unites for Mental Health, Autism Awareness and a Kid’s Bake Sale fundraiser for Family X in Leeds

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The Leeds community came together on Monday for a significant cause: raising awareness about mental health and autism sponsored by Leeds Community Foundation and Sir George Martin Trust.

The event, organised by Afrikindness, featured a 10km Walk for Mental Health followed by a Kids’ Bake Sale Fundraiser, and it was a resounding success.

The event kicked off at Mabgate Mills with enthusiastic participants, including six remarkable children who co-led the walk. The route took the walkers to Harehills Park, providing a scenic backdrop for discussions about mental health, autism, and community support.

Kid’s Bake Sale Fundraiser

The Kids’ Bake Sale, organised by six remarkable children, raised over £75 to support Family X, highlighting the importance of empathy, community engagement, and entrepreneurial skills in young people. Volunteering and participating in fundraising activities like this teach children valuable lessons about giving back, the power of collective effort, and the impact of supporting those in need. Encouraging children to get involved in such initiatives fosters a sense of responsibility, compassion, and community spirit, which are essential qualities for their personal development and for building a more inclusive society.

The children anchored the bake sale, showcasing their entrepreneurial skills and raising over £75. Their efforts were part of Afrikindness’ EMPOWER project, aimed at building community and developing valuable skills in young people.


Cultural Education and Community Engagement

As part of the walk, participants stopped by various African stores, including the popular Aunty Phoebe’s. This provided a unique opportunity for the children to learn about African culture and cuisine. The event also featured interactions with key figures from the Ben TV leadership team, who engaged in meaningful conversations about autism and mental health.

“We are thrilled with the turnout and the enthusiasm shown by everyone, especially the children,” said Dr. Pedi Obani, parent team lead from Afrikindness. “Their energy and innovation were truly inspiring, and it’s heartwarming to see them so engaged in such an important cause.”


Supporting Family X

The highlight of the event was the support for Family X, a courageous family of four who recently migrated from Africa to Leeds. They face immense challenges, including raising two young children with special needs. Both children are on the autism spectrum with significant speech delays, and the family struggles with financial hardship and lack of adequate support.

The funds raised from the bake sale and donations will provide essential sensory toys and developmental support for the children. Additionally, the event helped to spread awareness about the importance of mental health and the unique challenges faced by neurodiverse families.


Looking Ahead

The success of this event has spurred plans for more activities in the future. The children who participated are eager to organise another bake sale over the summer. Afrikindness is also planning a series of events focused on autism awareness and support for families with autistic children.

“We’re just getting started,” said Bunmi Owolabi. “We invite all parents, volunteers, and community members to join us in our future endeavours. Together, we can make a significant impact.”

Call to Action

The fundraising campaign for Family X is still ongoing. Every donation makes a difference in providing the crucial support they need. To contribute, please visit the GoFundMe page:


For more information on upcoming events and how to get involved, follow Afrikindness on social media and stay tuned for updates.

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