Nurturing Digital Resilience in Today’s Children

21st July 2023

In Conversation with Elizabeth Milodlov – Founder, Digitalem (Digital Parenting Coach) and Alex Holmes (Deputy CEO, The Diana Award)
Are you a parent or guardian with questions and concerns around your child’s online activities and you need real-life practical suggestions and tips to support your child? This resource page is for YOU.


Our host, Dr. Pedi Obani, had an enlightening conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Milodilov and Alex Holmes, where they delved into various aspects of online safety and digital parenting. They covered practical strategies and tools to safeguard children’s online experiences, how to balance screen time, address risks like cyberbullying and online grooming, and the importance of effective parental guidance in fostering digital resilience. Rest assured, all the most concerning areas that parents worry about were thoroughly addressed during the discussion. Stay informed and empowered!

This webinar discussed:

  • Understanding online risks and challenges for children.
  • Building digital resilience and promoting healthy habits
  • Effective communication strategies for parents and caregivers
  • Tools and resources for monitoring and managing online activities
  • Creating a safe and supportive online environment

This insightful and informative session is a must-watch for all parents!

It will equip you with the necessary practical resources, strategies and tools to support your child in the digital world. Together, let’s create a safe and positive digital environment for our children!

Watch the full video below.

Resources for parents: Online Safety advice by age (Internet Matters)

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