Discover the Key to Online Safety for Children in a Fascinating Conversation with Janice Richardson!

7th June 2023

Are you a parent or guardian with questions and concerns about your child (ren) being online all the time?  
This resource page is for YOU.


As the summer holiday approaches, ensuring the online safety of our children becomes more crucial than ever before.

Our host, Dr Pedi Obani had an enlightening conversation with Janice Richardson, where they delved into important topics surrounding online safety and digital citizenship.

Janice is the initiator of Safer Internet Day and Advisor on European, African, and international projects on education, vocational training, AI, and digital citizenship. She is an educator, researcher and advisor on digital citizenship.

  • Gain insights into what online safety and digital citizenship really mean and why they are vital in today’s digital landscape.
  • Learn effective strategies to safeguard your children’s privacy online and protect them from potential risks and challenges.
  • Discover how to help your children understand the concept of a digital footprint and maintain a positive online reputation.

This insightful and informative session with Janice is a must-watch for all parents!
It will equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to support your child in the digital world. Together, let’s create a safe and positive digital environment for our children!

Watch the full conversation below: 

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