Racial Identity & Mental Health: Supporting Young People to Tackle Mental Health and Racial Identity Crisis

27th November 2023

In Conversation with:

  • Niki Cooper, Clinical Director, Place2Be
  • Ollie Folayan, Co-Founder AFBE, DEI Expert
  • Belén Suárez, Peer Support & Development Worker, Leeds Mind Charity
  • Natasha Simpson, Family Practitioner, Place2Be.


“Teens & Adolescents, in their eagerness to conform or be accepted, may sometimes adopt behaviours outside the scope of their racial practices. As they increasingly embrace practices specific to another race, they may become disconnected from their own cultural identity, leading to confusion and a dual persona—different at home and in social settings. This struggle can give rise to racial imposter syndrome, causing a crisis of identity and self-expression’’ – Afrikindness Research Team 

Read here:- Racial Discrimination and Identity Crisis In Children/Adolescents

“Have you ever wondered about the profound impact of racial identity on your child’s mental health?”

🤔It is a question that often leaves us pondering, especially in today’s diverse world. The good news is that we have a powerful opportunity for you to gain valuable insights, practical tips, and solutions.

Our host and Parent Team Lead, Dr. Pedi Obani, had an enlightening conversation with experts from top mental health organisations, and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) specialists. They delved deep into the intricate relationship between race and mental health in children and young people, offering expert tips and guidance to support children’s racial identity development. Rest assured, all the most concerning areas that parents worry about were thoroughly addressed during the discussion. Stay informed and empowered!

The webinar discussed:

  • The meaning of identity crisis from a racial/cultural perspective
  • The intersection of race, identity, and mental health and the impact of racial trauma on mental health of young people.
  • Tough conversations on suppressing children’s negative emotions to protect them from racial bias, and the potential consequences on mental health. The psychological and emotional toll of racial identity on children and parents.
  • The most common mistakes made by parents of colour that may exacerbate their children’s mental well-being
  • Resources and support available to parents with children facing racial identity crisis and/or related mental health challenges
  • Support mechanisms available to schools to detect and address student’s identity crises
  • Systemic policy changes and its role in combating identity crises and racism in the UK.

This insightful and informative session is a must-watch for all parents!

A chance to shape a brighter future for our children’s mental well-being, to understand the complexities they face, and to empower them with the right tools.

Let’s embark on this critical journey together and make a positive impact on our children’s lives.

📽️ Watch the full conversation below:-

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Concerned about your child's mental well-being?

Afrikindness is here to help. While we don’t conduct mental health assessments, we can provide support, referrals, and guidance on who to contact if you have concerns. We have parent advisors who can provide first-hand support.

If you’ve noticed anything that raises alarm, it’s important to speak up.

Contact your local children’s social care duty team as soon as possible; they’re available 24/7 and even offer anonymous reporting if needed.

In the UK, there is also a crisis text line for immediate support:  Text 85258

Your action can ensure the child receives help promptly.

Have a question or concern? Reach out to parents@afrikindness.org

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