Safeguarding: Parenting in Partnership with Schools

21st September 2023

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“What steps can we take as parents to create an open and trusting environment at home where children feel comfortable discussing any concerns or
experiences, they may have at school?” 

“Are we well-informed about safeguarding risks and how to educate our children to recognize and respond to potential dangers?”

🤔If these questions resonate with you, this resource page is tailor-made for YOU!

Our host and Parent Team Lead, Dr. Pedi Obani, had an enlightening conversation with Ann Marie Christian, Ekanem Robertson and Fadzai
Mashingaidze, where they delved into various aspects of safeguarding children. They covered practical strategies and tools to safeguard children, recognising
the cultural and educative powers that parents have to make a difference, communication strategies and tips on how to respond to safeguarding risks. Rest
assured, all the most concerning areas that parents worry about were thoroughly addressed during the discussion. Stay informed and empowered!

The webinar discussed:

·       The meaning and importance of Safeguarding Children.

·       The most common safeguarding risks, concerns and challenges that children face in schools.

·       Effective communication strategies for parents and guardians to identify, build trust and address any safeguarding risks in

·      Support available for parents whose children have experienced various forms of abuse.

·       The intersection of Culture, Safeguarding, Race and Ethnicity and its impact on Children physical and mental well-being.

This insightful and informative session is a must-watch for all parents!

Children are our most precious resource, and their safety and well-being are paramount.

As parents, caregivers, and concerned community members, it’s our collective responsibility to protect and nurture our children.
Are you ready to be an advocate for child safety? Don’t miss this opportunity to become informed, empowered, and engaged in safeguarding your children!

📽️Watch the full conversation below: 

Resources For Parents:
Safeguarding Children

“Concerned about your child’s safety or need parenting advice?

Afrikindness is here to help. While we don’t conduct abuse or neglect investigations, we can provide support, referrals, and guidance on who to contact if you have concerns. If you’ve noticed anything that raises alarm, it’s important to speak up.

Contact your local children’s social care duty team as soon as possible; they’re available 24/7 and even offer anonymous reporting if needed.

Your action can ensure the child receives help promptly.

Have a question or concern? Reach to

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