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Inspiring the world around us through acts of kindness.

Afrikindness offers tools and resources intended to cultivate and nurture the attitude of kindness in children of all ages worldwide

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Afrikindness is a non-profit public-benefit organization with the primary aim of promoting acts of kindness amongst children and young adults, igniting a desire in them to make a positive impact in their communities.

Racial diversity is a key factor in our approach in promoting kindness in children and young adults. In order to demonstrate the importance of racial diversity in our interactions with each other, we must teach children to acknowledge and celebrate differences while learning to accept them too.
We believe that kindness can be taught. However, kindness cannot be developed in children through contemplation and discussion. The best way to develop kindness is to receive it and practice it.

The Challenges

Why Afrikindness Exist

Racial Identity Crisis

Our Kindness to Oneself program looks at fostering positive racial identity development in children and young people. This will help children build their racial knowledge and embrace their ethnicity and identity.

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Mental Health Challenges

Afrikindness provides resources that bridge the gap between parents, teachers, and children, empowering the latter to acquire the abilities needed to deal with obstacles.

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Parenting in a Complex Time

In Afrikindness, we navigate the dilemmas and complexity of raising children of colour in the UK. In order to enlighten ourselves, we raise awareness, educate, and provide knowledge and expert advice through our webinars and parent community.

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Our Services

Inspire & Empower Kindness in children and young adults

E.M.P.O.W.E.R. Project

We support children and young adults to make a positive impact in their communities through kind acts and volunteering opportunities. This means embedding the culture of Kindness in children, by coaching them with the mindset and skills they need to both demonstrate and receive kindness and empowering children to change their world.


Afrikindness supports and empowers teachers and parents to make impactful decisions during the formative years of each child. We navigate the questions and complexities related to parenting children of colour. We create that community for parents to connect, network, ask questions, and receive experts’ insights into lingering issues or parenting challenges.

C.A.R-P.R.I.D.E Project

In a diverse and vibrant world, celebrating culture and race fosters respect and open-mindedness. It helps children celebrate and appreciate differences, understand others’ perspectives, and prevent misunderstanding. Celebrating Culture And Race By Fostering Positive Racial Identity Development In Education is one of our services for schools.

Accelerate Program

Our aim is to see every child and young person have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and succeed. Moving to the UK can be a daunting experience for young people. We offer workshops and webinars to support young people (16+ years) who are transitioning to the UK.

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Afrikindness work alongside nonprofit platforms to inspire, support and encourage children and young adult into becoming kind individuals. Across our programmes, events and platforms we’re showing that Afrikindness is for all, in a free, fun-filled & inclusive-filled way.

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Feeling connected to their community gives children a deep sense of belonging, it allows them to view themselves as an important part of a larger network of people.

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