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Supporting parents and guardians in their parenting journey, building their racial knowledge, and raising awareness on the impact of identity crisis and other lingering issues facing children.

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Parenting in this age is quite complex. Moreso, parenting children from other cultures or race is even more challenging. Afrikindness supports and empowers stakeholders (teachers and parents) to make impactful decisions during the formative years of each child. We navigate the questions and complexities related to parenting children of colour. We create awareness of the stages of racial identity development of young people, so parents and guardians can  guide their children to understand and embrace not only the cultures of others but their own identity, as well.

Our webinars and podcast bring expert views and practical tips on how to solve those challenging issues of modern parenting. 

Parenthood could also be overwhelming as one juggle work, school runs, after-school care, chores, and other things. So, we have created that community space for parents to meet, interact, learn, share ideas and thrive. A safe place to connect with other parents that are going through similar parenting problems. Our parent community has several support groups open to all parents regardless of whether you are a single parent, parent of special needs, or a parent from diverse ethnic groups.


There are several parenting community groups that will suit your needs. Lots of laughter, information, storytelling, free events for children, parents near you, and parenting events shared on our parent-closed network.

Rub minds. Exchange ideas. Learn new skills. Encourage each other.

Connect with other parents

Our Facilitators

Afrikindness Parent Facilitators

‘’It is easier to build up a child than to repair an adult’’

– Frederick Douglass

Active Parenting 

Promoting positive interactions between parent and child.

Taking proactive approach to your parenting journey and improving family relationships and wellbeing. Informative talks, Knowledge sharing,

Expert views that speaks to the core of the lingering issues facing children

Get practical tips on how to solve those challenging issues of modern parenting. 

Are you transitioning to the UK? Look no further, we got you! Get all your parenting questions answered by professionals and allies in the UK at the comfort of your homes.

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Parent Webinar

Our webinars aim to support parents and guardians by offering free, professional advice from parenting experts on topics that matter to you.

  • Get Practical Strategies, insights, real-time discussion.
  • Experts' views, Panel discussions and professional guidance
  • Stories, thought-provoking analyses, lessons, and knowledge sharing.
  • Chat with other parents using the parent chat group.
  • Interactive options such as Q&A sessions and audience polls.
  • Take your conversation further and get confidential one-one advice from professionals.
  • Opportunity to Learn, Recharge, Connect.
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How we do It

Active Parenting

We believe that children are real people and active parenting requires recognising the uniqueness and individuality of each child.

Webinar topics include School Success and Examination, Character development, Raising Resilient Children, Transition To Secondary/Senior School, Understanding Adolescent, Stories of Parents etc

How we do It

Understanding  Mental health of Children

We believe that parents are first role model and children need all the support as they navigate live. We look at expert views on Mental health challenges - risk factors, and preventive measures. 

Webinar topics include Identity crisis, Children Anxiety, Safeguarding issues, Myths, Parenting in Digital age, Body image, etc

How we do It

Sharing Stories that breaks barriers of culture, language, race, etc

Webinar topics include Understanding childhood controlling behavior, Social skills, Myths, Balance across culture, Parental Challenges and the help available, Racism, Discrimination, Bullying  etc

How we do It

Preparing Children for the future

Parents are the child's first role model. They see you, behave and imitate same as their parents. 

Webinar topics include Ubuntu - I am because we are, Skills needed for the future, Building generational leaders, Kindness, Values and Morals, Myths, Home-School Partnership, Managing failures etc

Resources for Parents

We have compiled a range of free parenting resources to help parents and families on their parenting journey.

Read our Parenting blogsRecommended organisations and resources

Webinar attendees will receive:

  • Webinar recordings for convenience.
  • Free access to experts & questions answered
  • Access to join parent group.
  • First-hand information on children's activities
  • Support, Referrals, Guidance, and Counselling
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  • If you are an experienced facilitator or you would like to be a Host on our TV program, podcast, or webinars. 
  • If you are a professional expert on Children, or a Parenting Coach or  Children coach and wish to join the discussion as a Panel speaker or host
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Partnership & Support

If you are an organization, local authority, school, or educational institution that wishes to provide support to parents, offer counselling or wish to sponsor our events

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