Sustainability: A Guide to Visiting Your Local Refill Store

Teaching children and young people about the importance of taking care of the environment can be challenging, but it can also be fun and exciting. One way to make it engaging is by taking them to a refill store.

Refill stores, also known as zero-waste stores, offer a sustainable alternative by allowing shoppers to purchase products with minimal packaging. This results in a reduction of plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. Refill shops are increasingly popping up on the local high streets across the country, and larger supermarket chains are facing enormous pressure to offer refillable options to meet the growing demand.

Asda is one of the few supermarkets in the U.K. that is leading the way with zero-waste packaging. In some of their superstores, they have a refill section where you can top up cereals, grains, household groceries, and pet food. 

Susan Thomas, Director of Commercial Sustainability at Asda said: “Our ultimate goal is to make refill and reuse a part of every Asda shopping trip and to achieve this we have to make it easy, accessible, and affordable for all our customers to shop this way.”

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What Is a Refill Store? 

A refill store specializes in selling environmentally friendly and sustainable products. The focus of these stores is to reduce waste by providing customers with the option to refill their containers with bulk products, such as food, cleaning supplies, personal care items, and household goods. 

Refill stores typically operate on a bring-your-own-container model, where shoppers can bring their reusable containers to fill with their desired products. This concept helps to reduce the amount of single-use packaging and waste generated by traditional supermarkets.

Did you know that 2019 research conducted by Green Peace and the environmental investigation agency found UK supermarket consumption of single-use plastic had risen to more than 900,000 tonnes? 

What Do Refill Stores Sell?

Refill stores typically sell a range of environmentally friendly and sustainable products, including food, cleaning supplies, personal care items, and household goods. These stores offer shoppers the opportunity to purchase items in bulk or without excessive packaging, thereby reducing waste and minimizing their environmental impact.

Refill stores often stock organic, vegan, or cruelty-free products. They also offer a variety of zero-waste alternatives to traditional household items. Some popular items sold at refill stores include loose grains, nuts, seeds, reusable cloth bags and wraps, and biodegradable cleaning products. 

How Does a Refill Store Work?

Refill stores operate on the simple concept of providing customers with an environmentally conscious and sustainable shopping experience. These stores typically offer shoppers the option to refill their containers with bulk products such as grains, nuts, and spices, which are then weighed and priced by the gram.

Some stores offer customers the option to purchase reusable containers provided by the store to fill with their desired products. 

How Do You Make Visiting a Refill Store a Fun Experience?

Simple! Visit your local refill store and consider bringing your children along. 

Visiting a refill store can be a fun and educational experience for children, as it provides an opportunity to learn about sustainable living practices & responsible consumerism at an early age.

Six Tips for Your First Visit to a Refill Store

  1. Discuss the importance of reducing waste and the benefits of shopping at refill stores with your child before you go. Explain how it helps to protect the environment and reduce our impact on the planet. For young adults, teach sustainability and STEM concepts in Chemistry, Maths etc, and how STEM concept is used to make environmentally conscious choices.
  2. Involve your child in the planning and preparation for the trip. Allow them to choose the containers they want to use for refilling and encourage them to make a list of the items they want to purchase.
  3. Let your child take charge of the shopping experience by allowing them to weigh and price the items, use the dispenser in the store, and fill their containers.
  4. Turn the trip into a game or scavenger hunt by challenging your child to find specific items on their list or by encouraging them to identify different types of products, such as grains or cleaning supplies.
  5. Use the trip as an opportunity to teach your child about the importance of reading labels and understanding the ingredients in products. Discuss the benefits of choosing organic, vegan, and cruelty-free products.
  6. Discuss ways to reduce waste and encourage your child to brainstorm ideas for reusing or repurposing containers.

UK Directory of Zero Waste Stores 

Refill stores are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. due to growing awareness about the impact of waste on the environment. People are becoming more conscious of their consumption habits and are actively seeking out ways to reduce their waste and carbon footprint.

According to regen waste, “there is now estimated to be around 200 zero waste shops throughout the UK, meaning that it is still a growing trend.”

To assist your refill shopping experience, we have collated a list of refill stores near you.

Click the link below to access a list of over 200 zero-waste stores across the U.K

Guide & Directory to Visiting Your Local Refill Store 

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Take them on an exciting journey to refill stores, teaching them about eco-friendly alternatives and the impact of reducing single-use plastics. Here is a list of refill stores near you.

Share your experiences and inspire others in the comments below. 

Let’s cultivate a generation of mindful consumers together! 

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