Episode 1- Africa Day

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Afrikindness, the podcast that brings you on a thrilling voyage through the diverse and vibrant cultures of Africa.

In this special episode, we gather to commemorate Africa Day, an occasion that marks the establishment of the African Union and pays tribute to the extraordinary accomplishments of the African continent.

Africa Day stands as a momentous event, presenting us with an opportunity to contemplate the advancements achieved by African nations and their people. It also serves as a reminder to embrace the unity, resilience, and fortitude that have consistently characterized the African spirit throughout history.

In this captivating conversation, we delve into thought-provoking topics such as African self-awareness, communal and individual identity, internalized racism, neo-colonialism, and more.

  • Do we truly celebrate and appreciate one another to the fullest?
  • How authentically African is Africa Day?
  • Are we adequately honouring ourselves?
  • Are we fostering enough collaboration?

 Let’s explore these questions and uncover the truth!

Hosted by Peace George, this episode features four remarkable guests who brings a unique perspective to the conversation, sharing personal experiences of reconnecting with African roots and how Africa Day resonates with the African diaspora community.

  • Dr Ollie Folayan, Co-founder AFBE-UK & D&I Specialist
  • Nnamdi Agbanelo, Video Journalist Afrikindness & Digital producer BBC News
  • Helen Yu-wen Chiu, Communications Afrikindness & Social media strategist
  • Bunmi Owolabi, CEO Afrikindness.

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