Afrikindness Receives First Major Funding from Sir George Martin Trust for Neurodiversity Initiative

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Afrikindness, a dedicated advocate for neurodiversity and inclusion, has proudly announced receiving its inaugural grant from the Sir George Martin Trust. This significant contribution marks the beginning of a new chapter for Afrikindness, empowering them to expand their Neurodiversity Community Programme aimed at supporting underprivileged families and raising awareness about autism in Leeds.

The funding will be used to train volunteers who will educate communities about autism and inclusion, as well as organize events and workshops tailored for parents. This initiative targets the challenges often faced by Black African families in accessing diagnosis, suitable support and understanding for children with autism, a gap highlighted by recent research studies led by Dr. Vivian Okoye of Newcastle University.

Dr. Okoye, the Neurodiversity and Inclusion Campaign Lead at Afrikindness, expressed profound gratitude towards the Sir George Martin Trust. She stated, “Your support enables us to further our work in empowering parents, families, and underprivileged communities through our Neurodiversity campaign initiatives, creating lasting positive change in their lives and communities. This donation reflects not only your commitment to promoting neurodiversity and inclusivity but also your faith in our ability to make a difference. We are honoured by your support and are eager to share the successes that your generosity will help achieve.”

The funding from the Sir George Martin Trust will enable Afrikindness to directly assist around 200 families while educating an additional 50 individuals such as teachers and community leaders through volunteer

training programs. By focusing on such comprehensive community engagement, Afrikindness hopes to foster a deeper understanding and more accessible support networks for neurodiversity in Leeds.

Afrikindness is excited to witness the transformative impact this project will have on the community and looks forward to expanding their initiatives to further reach under the auspices of the Sir George Martin Trust’s generous funding. If the pilot project proves successful, Afrikindness plans to extend their efforts across England, broadening the scope of their advocacy and support for neurodiverse individuals and their families.

For more information about the Neurodiversity Community Programme and how to get involved, please contact or visit their website.

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