Afrikindness Research Takes World Cafe Stage at EMRI/NIHR Conference in Yorkshire Leeds

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Afrikindness Research made a significant mark at the Ethnic Minority Research Inclusion (EMRI) conference held in Leeds today, joining forces with leading institutions and stakeholders committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in research within the healthcare sector.

The event, organized by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) and the Ethnic Minority Research Inclusion, brought together key stakeholders from the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, COMIC Research, One Ummah Community CIC, Healthy Her, Hull Afro Caribbean Association, Roshni Ghar,  Action Collective, Doncaster African Caribbean Support Group, NIHR BioResource, and the Leeds Refugee Forum from the Yorkshire & Humber region. Attendees were treated to a wealth of enlightening talks, insightful discussions, and valuable networking opportunities.

Afrikindness Research, represented by Dr Vivian Okoye and Dr Grace Okoro, actively participated in the conference and seized the occasion to showcase their commitment to advancing research in the health and well-being sector especially with ethnic minority communities.

The conference programme included:

  • Keynote speaker, Professor Martin Wilkie – EMRI Chair, Consultant Nephrologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Presentations on EMRI Reverse Mentoring Scheme, The Researcher’s experience, Reports and Impacts.
  • Community Organisation World Café – Afrikindness Research team participated in the World Cafe

Dr Grace Okoro, the Research team lead at Afrikindness, delivered a compelling presentation during the World Café that provided an overview of the profound impact of racial identity on young people. Her talk resonated with the audience, shedding light on crucial aspects of research that delve into the complexities of racial identity and its implications for the younger generation.

Dr Grace Okoro said ‘’Attending the Research For All 3 conference was a wonderful experience that reinforced the mission of Afrikindness Research Team that by involving the communities that would normally shy away from research, a robust evidence base is made available to guide and influence policy makers to ensure that promoting and maintaining the health and wellbeing of chilldren and young people are of the highest priority.’’

Additionally, Vivian Okoye, a Research associate and parent coach at Afrikindness, presented a groundbreaking research output titled “Exploring Barriers to Accessing Autism Diagnosis by Black African Parents of Autistic Children in the UK.’’ This research delves into the challenges faced by Black African parents in accessing autism diagnoses for their children, contributing valuable insights to the ongoing discourse on autism awareness and inclusivity.

Dr Vivian Okoye said “Our focus in research is to identify ways to bridge the gap between research and communities, promote research relating to children’s mental well-being and race and disseminate research findings in the best way for public benefit. It was a very insightful day, great talks, that opened more opportunities for further collaborations in research and implementation’’.

The Research for All 3 conference highlighted the groundbreaking work of EMRI and its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in research. Afrikindness Research expressed their enthusiasm and pride in being part of this historic journey, recognising the importance of collaborative efforts to address critical issues within the healthcare sector. The team looks forward to future collaborations and endeavours contributing to a more inclusive and equitable research environment for all.

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